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Subject[PATCH v2 0/5] hwmon: k10temp driver improvements
This patch series implements various improvements for the k10temp driver.

Patch 1/5 introduces the use of bit operations.

Patch 2/5 converts the driver to use the devm_hwmon_device_register_with_info
API. This not only simplifies the code and reduces its size, it also
makes the code easier to maintain and enhance.

Patch 3/5 adds support for reporting Core Complex Die (CCD) temperatures
on Ryzen 3 (Zen2) CPUs.

Patch 4/5 adds support for reporting core and SoC current and voltage
information on Ryzen CPUs.

Patch 5/5 removes the maximum temperature from Tdie for Ryzen CPUs.
It is inaccurate, misleading, and it just doesn't make sense to report
wrong information.

With all patches in place, output on Ryzen 3900X CPUs looks as follows
(with the system under load).

Adapter: PCI adapter
Vcore: +1.36 V
Vsoc: +1.18 V
Tdie: +86.8°C
Tctl: +86.8°C
Tccd1: +80.0°C
Tccd2: +81.8°C
Icore: +44.14 A
Isoc: +13.83 A

The voltage and current information is limited to Ryzen CPUs. Voltage
and current reporting on Threadripper and EPYC CPUs is different, and the
reported information is either incomplete or wrong. Exclude it for the time
being; it can always be added if/when more information becomes available.

Tested with the following Ryzen CPUs:
1300X A user with this CPU in the system reported somewhat unexpected
values for Vcore; it isn't entirely if at all clear why that is
the case. Overall this does not warrant holding up the series.

v2: Added tested-by: tags as received.
Don't display voltage and current information for Threadripper and EPYC.
Stop displaying the fixed (and wrong) maximum temperature of 70 degrees C
for Tdie on model 17h/18h CPUs.

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