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SubjectMaking linkat() able to overwrite the target
With my rewrite of fscache and cachefiles:

when a file gets invalidated by the server - and, under some circumstances,
modified locally - I have the cache create a temporary file with vfs_tmpfile()
that I'd like to just link into place over the old one - but I can't because
vfs_link() doesn't allow you to do that. Instead I have to either unlink the
old one and then link the new one in or create it elsewhere and rename across.

Would it be possible to make linkat() take a flag, say AT_LINK_REPLACE, that
causes the target to be replaced and not give EEXIST? Or make it so that
rename() can take a tmpfile as the source and replace the target with that. I
presume that, either way, this would require journal changes on ext4, xfs and


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