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SubjectRe: [EXTERNAL] Re: [RFC PATCH V2 2/10] mm: expose is_mem_section_removable() symbol
On Mon 13-01-20 14:49:38, Tianyu Lan wrote:
> Hi David & Michal:
> Thanks for your review. Some memory blocks are not suitable for hot-plug.
> If not check memory block's removable, offline_pages() will report some failure error
> e.g, "failed due to memory holes" and "failure to isolate range". I think the check maybe
> added into offline_and_remove_memory()? This may help to not create/expose a new
> interface to do such check in module.

Why is a log message a problem in the first place. The operation has
failed afterall. Does the driver try to offline an arbitrary memory?
Could you describe your usecase in more details please?
Michal Hocko

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