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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/3] perf vendor events amd: add Zen2 events
On 12/27/19 6:55 AM, Vijay Thakkar wrote:
> This patch adds PMU events for AMD Zen2 core based processors, namely,
> Matisse (model 71h), Castle Peak (model 31h) and Rome (model 2xh), as
> documented in the AMD Processor Programming Reference for Matisse [1].
> Zen2 adds some additional counters that are not present in Zen1 and
> events for them have been added in this patch. Some counters have also
> been removed for Zen2 thatwere previously present in Zen1 and have been
> confirmed to always sample zero on zen2. These added/removed counters
> have been omitted for brevity.

I'd like to see the list, if at all possible.

> Note that PPR for Zen2 [1] does not include some counters that were
> documented in the PPR for Zen1 based processors [2]. After having tested
> these counters, some of them that still work for zen2 systems have been
> preserved in the events for zen2. The counters that are omitted in [1]
> but are still measurable and non-zero on zen2 (tested on a Ryzen 3900X
> system) are the following:
> PMC 0x000 fpu_pipe_assignment.{total|total0|total1|total2|total3}
> PMC 0x004 fp_num_mov_elim_scal_op.*
> PMC 0x046 ls_tablewalker.*
> PMC 0x062 l2_latency.l2_cycles_waiting_on_fills
> PMC 0x063 l2_wcb_req.*
> PMC 0x06D l2_fill_pending.l2_fill_busy
> PMC 0x080 ic_fw32
> PMC 0x081 ic_fw32_miss
> PMC 0x086 bp_snp_re_sync
> PMC 0x087 ic_fetch_stall.*
> PMC 0x08C ic_cache_inval.*
> PMC 0x099 bp_tlb_rel
> PMC 0x0C7 ex_ret_brn_resync
> PMC 0x28A ic_oc_mode_switch.*
> L3PMC 0x001 l3_request_g1.*
> L3PMC 0x006 l3_comb_clstr_state.*

How do you know there aren't others, given your workload just may have not triggered some? This is why ultimately I'd like to use the AMD-sanctioned events from the PPRs.

> + {
> + "EventName": "bp_dyn_ind_pred",
> + "EventCode": "0x8e",
> + "BriefDescription": "Dynamic Indirect Predictions.",
> + "PublicDescription": "Indirect Branch Prediction for potential multi-target branch (speculative)."
> + },
> + {
> + "EventName": "bp_de_redirect",
> + "EventCode": "0x91",
> + "BriefDescription": "Decoder Overrides Existing Branch Prediction (speculative)."
> + },

So at first glance of this patch, I'm seeing at least these last two events present in these PPRs:


and when testing the events on my zen1 system, sure enough, they return non-zero values.

So do we need to correct the zen1 events first?



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