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SubjectRe: regulator: mpq7920: Some inconsistencies in current driver

On 14/01/20 1:49 pm, Axel Lin wrote:
> Hi Saravanan,
> There are a few inconsistencies in current driver:
> I don't have the datasheet, so I'm not 100% sure.
> Maybe you can help check it.
> 1. It's unlikely MPQ7920_LDO1_REG_B and MPQ7920_REG_CTL0 have the same address.
> I think this needs double check.

There is no REG_B register for MPQ7920_LDO1, it is a tweak for MACRO expansion consistence of MPQ7920LDO.
However LDO1 doesn't not access this register since mpq7920_ldortc_ops discharge api is set to NULL

> 2. The MPQ7920_DISCHARGE_ON seems wrong because it does not match
> I guess MPQ7920_DISCHARGE_ON should be BIT(5).
Yes, you are correct and thanks for pointing out
> 3. The MPQ7920_MASK_BUCK_ILIM seems wrong. I guess it should be 0xC0.

Yes, you are correct and thanks for pointing out

> 4. Not sure why define both MPQ7920_REG_REGULATOR_EN1 and
There is EN1 register exist but later decided that cannot be handled by
driver so its stray which
shall be removed.
> Regards,
> Axel


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