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SubjectRe: [v3] coccinelle: semantic patch to check for inappropriate do_div() calls
>> Can the avoidance of duplicate source code (according to SmPL disjunctions)
>> trigger positive effects on run time characteristics and software maintenance?
> Markus. Please stop asking this question.

This will not happen for a while.

> You are bothering people with this advice,

I present just another view.

> why don't _you_ figure out once and for all whether the change
> that you suggest has any "positive effects on the run time characteristics"?
> Hint: it will not.

* How much attention do you give to the software development principle
"Don't repeat yourself"?

* Can the file size of a SmPL script matter a bit?

> Coccinelle has a pass that propagates disjunctions at the sub-statement level
> to the statement level.

This data processing can probably trigger further development considerations.


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