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SubjectRe: from 5.2->5.3 lets the system run at considerably higher temperatures
Hey again.

Just checked with 5.4.6 and the problem as described previously still

And effectively idle system runs at ~75 °C even when just typing some
text or switching some windows.
Only if doing really absolutely nothing for a long time it may (but not
always) go down to ~65 °C, which is still 5-10°C more than having the
very same system (same software running, etc.) with a 5.2 kernel.

top still shows basically nothing.

I still suspect it could be somehow graphics related:
- when I switch from the desktop environment to the kernel console,
temperatures quickly go to ~60°C (which is more close to what's the
case with 5.2)

- When doing some video playback, temperatures just explode (which
they' don't with 5.2, of course they rise there as well).
So when playing a video like mpv --vo=vaapi, CPU goes quickly to 90°C
an more (and even when stopping playback, it stays at 80°C for
Actually, sometimes (but not always) it was much better with --vo=xv.

The CPU is a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7600U CPU @ 2.80GHz, with HD Graphics
620 (Kaby Lake GT2).


Any ideas on what to do or how to somehow debug this?


On Mon, 2019-12-16 at 16:15 +0100, Christoph Anton Mitterer wrote:
> Hey.
> Since I've upgraded from kernel 5.2 to 5.3 my system runs a
> considerably higher temperatures (like 10°C or more).
> This happens even when it's effectively idle (top shows basically
> nothing).
> Downgrading again to 5.2 and high temperatures go away.
> I did some more detailed description here:
> but really have no clue where to start debugging.
> It could be that it's somehow graphics related, as when I switch away
> from X/Cinnamon to the virtual console, temperatures decrease
> considerably.
> Anyone else seeing something similar or having some idea how to track
> this down?
> Thanks,
> Chris.

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