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SubjectRe: [RESEND PATCH v3 0/2] Add default binderfs devices
On Wed, Sep 04, 2019 at 01:07:02PM +0200, Christian Brauner wrote:
> Hey,
> This is a resend of Hridya's series to add default binderfs devices. No
> semantical changes were made. Only Joel's Acks were added by me.
> Binderfs was created to help provide private binder devices to
> containers in their own IPC namespace. Currently, every time a new binderfs
> instance is mounted, its private binder devices need to be created via
> IOCTL calls. This patch series eliminates the effort for creating
> the default binder devices for each binderfs instance by creating them
> automatically.

All now applied, thanks!

greg k-h

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