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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 01/11] powerpc/mm: Adds counting method to monitor lockless pgtable walks
On Mon, 2019-09-30 at 10:57 -0700, John Hubbard wrote:
> > As I told before, there are cases where this function is called from
> > 'real mode' in powerpc, which doesn't disable irqs and may have a
> > tricky behavior if we do. So, encapsulate the irq disable in this
> > function can be a bad choice.
> You still haven't explained how this works in that case. So far, the
> synchronization we've discussed has depended upon interrupt disabling
> as part of the solution, in order to hold off page splitting and page
> table freeing.

The irqs are already disabled by another mechanism (hw): MSR_EE=0.
So, serialize will work as expected.

> Simply skipping that means that an additional mechanism is required...which
> btw might involve a new, ppc-specific routine, so maybe this is going to end
> up pretty close to what I pasted in after all...
> > Of course, if we really need that, we can add a bool parameter to the
> > function to choose about disabling/enabling irqs.
> > > * This is really a core mm function, so don't hide it away in arch layers.
> > > (If you're changing mm/ files, that's a big hint.)
> >
> > My idea here is to let the arch decide on how this 'register' is going
> > to work, as archs may have different needs (in powerpc for example, we
> > can't always disable irqs, since we may be in realmode).
> >
> > Maybe we can create a generic function instead of a dummy, and let it
> > be replaced in case the arch needs to do so.
> Yes, that might be what we need, if it turns out that ppc can't use this
> approach (although let's see about that).

I initially used the dummy approach because I did not see anything like
serialize in other archs.

I mean, even if I put some generic function here, if there is no
function to use the 'lockless_pgtbl_walk_count', it becomes only a

> thanks,

Thank you!
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