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SubjectSFConservancy attacks RMS. - SFConservancy: GO TO HELL
> Software Freedom Conservancy
‏>Verified account @conservancy
> The fight for diversity, equality and inclusion is the fight for
> software freedom. Our movement will only be successful
> if it includes everyone. RMS does not speak for these values.

Dear SFConservancy. You might not understand the lawyer-speak, being
headed for the longest time by a mere techie (ie: one who thinks arrays
are a "necessary language tool"), but Free licenses are Revocable from

Keep attacking the men who created the software and the men will
eventually move to revoke your gratis licenses of their copyrighted
works and burn the legal framework of Free Software to the ground (a
framework that relies mostly on ignorance of the vagaries of copyright
and licensing law).

Look, Free Software world, I told you a decade ago NOT to invite random
women and non-techies into your world: you will gain nothing and they
will set themselves up as gate keepers to your community.

They have done so. They just kicked out RMS from his own foundation. Who
knows what "GPLv4" will contain now.
(Not that it matters: you can still revoke free licenses from
free-takers regardless of what "terms" were "agreed upon" (no
consideration on the part of the taker means no contractual rights to
hold the distributee to))
RMS said absolutely nothing wrong: just things White Women and their
golem-like white "men" find offensive.

(YHWH allows child brides, including in cases of rape (taphas): Devarim
chapter 22, verse 28 (Hebrew Masoretic Text: Na'ar (child), Greek
Septuagint: Padia (child, root word for paedophile), Latin Vulgate:

It's time to move Free Software and OpenSource out of America. America
is the global enemy of all men anyway: why deal with the savages that
slaughter countless innocents in the near-east because "they marry young
girls, BETTER A MILLSTONE!" etc? Why associate yourself with such evil
torturers and murderers that are the Proud American (White) Man (and his
female Masters)?

> Regarding threats to "CoC" you. - You do have recourse - license
> rescission
> For easy to read by lay-people discussions on this topic:

> For legal articles and treatises that agree: no consideration from GPL
> free-taker, no contract, revocable by the copyright holder:

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