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SubjectRE: [PATCH net-next, 2/6] PCI: hv: Add a Hyper-V PCI mini driver for software backchannel interface
Haiyang Zhang <> writes:

> The pci_hyperv can only be loaded on VMs on Hyper-V and Azure. Other
> drivers like MLX5e will have symbolic dependency of pci_hyperv if they
> use functions exported by pci_hyperv. This dependency will cause other
> drivers fail to load on other platforms, like VMs on KVM. So we created
> this mini driver, which can be loaded on any platforms to provide the
> symbolic dependency.

(/me wondering is there a nicer way around this, by using __weak or
something like that...)

In case this stub is the best solution I'd suggest to rename it to
something like PCI_HYPERV_INTERFACE to make it clear it is not a
separate driver (_MINI makes me think so).


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