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SubjectAW: [PATCH v2] kernel/resource.c: invalidate parent when freed resource has childs
>>When a resource is freed and has children, the childrens are
> s/childrens/children/
oh, missed that. Too many children ... ;-)

>>+ __release_child_resources(tmp, warn);
> This function will release all the children.
> Is this what Linus suggest?
> From his code snippet, I just see siblings parent is set to NULL. I may miss
> some point?
At the point we are here, there should be no children, and children of
children at all ...
So they are all more or less lost in the wild.
That was why i didn't copy Linus' code 1:1 but reused an already existing
function doing similar thing.
It's anyway worth of thinking about this.

What i have in mind here (example):
Parent: iomem map 0x1000..0x1FFF
Child1: iomem map 0x1000..0x17FF
Child11: iomem map 0x1000..0x13FF
Child12: iomem map 0x1400..0x17FF
Child2: iomem map 0x1800..0x1FFF
Child21: iomem map 0x1800..0x1BFF
Child22: iomem map 0x1C00..0x1FFF

When releasing the parent, how can children 11, 12, 21 and 22 still be valid?
They don't know about their grandfather died ...
Looking at the __release_child_resources, i exactly found that all children are
invalidated/released in the way Linus did for the parent's children list.
Doesn't it make sense to do the same for all?

Please comment.

> >+static void check_children(struct resource *parent)
> >+{
> >+ if (parent->child) {
> >+ /* warn and release all children */
> >+ WARN_ONCE(1, "%s: %s has child %s, release all children\n",
> >+ __func__, parent->name, parent->child-
> >name);
> >+ write_lock(&resource_lock);
> In previous version, lock is grasped before parent->child is checked.
> Not sure why you change the order?
To hold the lock as short as possible.
But yes, you are right, this could lead to problems if releasing of the
children is done in a parallel thread on a multicore ...
I'll change that to cover the whole resource access within the lock.
Not a big thing ...

Best regards

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