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SubjectRe: [PATCH v1 10/10] powerpc/mm: refactor ioremap_range() and use ioremap_page_range()

Le 14/08/2019 à 07:49, Christoph Hellwig a écrit :
> Somehow this series is missing a cover letter.
> While you are touching all this "fun" can you also look into killing
> __ioremap? It seems to be a weird non-standard version of ioremap_prot
> (probably predating ioremap_prot) that is missing a few lines of code
> setting attributes that might not even be applicable for the two drivers
> calling it.

ocm_init_node() [arch/powerpc/platforms/4xx/ocm.c] calls __ioremap()
with _PAGE_EXEC set while ioremap_prot() clears _PAGE_EXEC


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