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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 0/9] Exynos Adaptive Supply Voltage support
On Tue, 13 Aug 2019 at 17:08, Sylwester Nawrocki <> wrote:
> This is third iteration of my patch series adding ASV (Adaptive Supply
> Voltage) support for Exynos SoCs. The previous one can be found at:
> There is no major changes in this series comparing to v2, only minor
> corrections addressing review comments.
> I was not sure it was a good idea to try to extend the OPP binding
> so as to include the ASV data tables in DT, so the tables are left
> in the driver.
> This patch set includes Exynos CHIPID driver posted by Pankaj Dubey and
> futher improved by Bartłomiej Żołnierkiewicz [1].
> Tested on Odroid XU3, XU3 Lite, XU4.
> One of the things on TODO list is support for the Adaptive Body Bias.
> This will require modifications on the cpufreq driver side in order to
> support multiple voltage regulators and changes in the OPP framework
> to support adding OPPs with multiple voltages.
> [1]
> Pankaj Dubey (3):
> soc: samsung: Add exynos chipid driver support
> ARM: EXYNOS: enable exynos_chipid for ARCH_EXYNOS
> ARM64: EXYNOS: enable exynos_chipid for ARCH_EXYNOS
> Sylwester Nawrocki (6):
> soc: samsung: Convert exynos-chipid driver to use the regmap API
> soc: samsung: Add Exynos Adaptive Supply Voltage driver
> ARM: EXYNOS: Enable exynos-asv driver for ARCH_EXYNOS
> soc: samsung: Update the CHIP ID DT binding documentation
> ARM: dts: Add "syscon" compatible string to chipid node
> ARM: dts: Add samsung,asv-bin property for odroidxu3-lite

All look good to me but I need acks for bindings before applying.

Best regards,

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