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Subjectturn hmm migrate_vma upside down v3
Hi Jérôme, Ben and Jason,

below is a series against the hmm tree which starts revamping the
migrate_vma functionality. The prime idea is to export three slightly
lower level functions and thus avoid the need for migrate_vma_ops


7 files changed, 282 insertions(+), 614 deletions(-)

A git tree is also available at:

git:// migrate_vma-cleanup.3


Changes since v2:
- don't unmap pages when returning 0 from nouveau_dmem_migrate_to_ram
- minor style fixes
- add a new patch to remove CONFIG_MIGRATE_VMA_HELPER

Changes since v1:
- fix a few whitespace issues
- drop the patch to remove MIGRATE_PFN_WRITE for now
- various spelling fixes
- clear cpages and npages in migrate_vma_setup
- fix the nouveau_dmem_fault_copy_one return value
- minor improvements to some nouveau internal calling conventions

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