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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 0/4] Add device links to clocks
Quoting Miquel Raynal (2019-07-27 01:53:30)
> I know this series might have side effects despite the consequent
> amount of time spent to write and test it, but I also think the
> clk subsystem would really benefit from such change and handling
> suspend to RAM support would be greatly enhanced. You seemed
> interested at first and now not anymore, could I know why? I got
> inspired by the regulators subsystem. It is not an idea of mine
> that device links should be bring to clocks. Regulators are almost
> as used as clocks so I really understand your fears but why not
> applying this to -next very early during the -rc cycles and see
> what happens? You'll have plenty of time to ask me to fix things
> or even drop it off.

Ok, I'm back on this topic. Let me look at the latest code and see how
it works on a qcom platform I have in hand. If the device links look OK
then it should be good. I also want to make sure we're not holding a
nested pile of locks when we're adding the device links so that we don't
get some weird lockdep problems.

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