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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next] net/ncsi: allow to customize BMC MAC Address offset
Tao, in your new patch will it be possible to disable the setting of the 
BMC MAC?  I would like to be able to send NCSI_OEM_GET_MAC perhaps with
netlink (TBD) to get the system address without it affecting the BMC

I was about to send patches to add support for the Intel adapters when I
saw this thread.



>>> After giving it more thought, I'm thinking about adding ncsi dt node
>>> with following structure (mac/ncsi similar to mac/mdio/phy):
>>> &mac0 {
>>> /* MAC properties... */
>>> use-ncsi;
>> This property seems to be specific to Faraday FTGMAC100. Are you going
>> to make it more generic?
> I'm also using ftgmac100 on my platform, and I don't have plan to change this property.
>>> ncsi {
>>> /* ncsi level properties if any */
>>> package@0 {
>> You should get Rob Herring involved. This is not really describing
>> hardware, so it might get rejected by the device tree maintainer.
> Got it. Thank you for the sharing, and let me think it over :-)
>>> 1) mac driver doesn't need to parse "mac-offset" stuff: these
>>> ncsi-network-controller specific settings should be parsed in ncsi
>>> stack.
>>> 2) get_bmc_mac_address command is a channel specific command, and
>>> technically people can configure different offset/formula for
>>> different channels.
>> Does that mean the NCSA code puts the interface into promiscuous mode?
>> Or at least adds these unicast MAC addresses to the MAC receive
>> filter? Humm, ftgmac100 only seems to support multicast address
>> filtering, not unicast filters, so it must be using promisc mode, if
>> you expect to receive frames using this MAC address.
> Uhh, I actually didn't think too much about this: basically it's how to configure frame filtering when there are multiple packages/channels active: single BMC MAC or multiple BMC MAC is also allowed?
> I don't have the answer yet, but will talk to NCSI expert and figure it out.
> Thanks,
> Tao

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