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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 7/7] perf intel-pt: Add brief documentation for PEBS via Intel PT
Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <> writes:

> I've just blindly followed the provided documentation :)

Yes, I should have checked it also before I sent it out. :)

> So you say I should have tried this instead:
> # perf record -c 10000 -e '{intel_pt/branch=0/,cycles/aux-output/ppp}' uname

Right. For the purposes of illustrating the error condition, you can
probably drop the '-c ...' and 'branch=0' also, but either way is fine.

> Error:
> The 'aux_output' feature is not supported, update the kernel.

Or it's not supported by the hardware. I don't think we make a
distinction at the moment. You can tell if it's available from dmesg,
but not otherwise.

> #
> Or with leader sampling?
> # perf record -c 10000 -e '{intel_pt/branch=0/,cycles/aux-output/ppp}:S' uname

Not sure if we should even allow this. Maybe Adrian can chime in.


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