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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] net: gmii2rgmii: Switch priv field in mdio device structure
> > The kernel does have a few helper, spi_get_drvdata, pci_get_drvdata,
> > hci_get_drvdata. So maybe had add phydev_get_drvdata(struct phy_device
> > *phydev)?
> Maybe phydev_mdio_get_drvdata? Because the driver data member available is
> phydev->

I still prefer phydev_get_drvdata(). It fits with the X_get_drvdata()
pattern, where X is the type of parameter passed to the call, spi,
pci, hci.

We can also add mdiodev_get_drvdata(mdiodev). A few DSA drivers could
use that.


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