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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 0/5] PTP: add support for Intel's TGPIO controller


Andrew Lunn <> writes:
>> Andrew Lunn <> writes:
>> > On Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 10:20:33AM +0300, Felipe Balbi wrote:
>> >> TGPIO is a new IP which allows for time synchronization between systems
>> >> without any other means of synchronization such as PTP or NTP. The
>> >> driver is implemented as part of the PTP framework since its features
>> >> covered most of what this controller can do.
>> >
>> > Hi Felipe
>> >
>> > Given the name TGPIO, can it also be used for plain old boring GPIO?
>> not really, no. This is a misnomer, IMHO :-) We can only assert output
>> pulses at specified intervals or capture a timestamp of an external
>> signal.
> Hi Felipe
> So i guess Intel Marketing wants to call it a GPIO, but between
> engineers can we give it a better name?

If we do that we make it difficult for those reading specification and
trying to find the matching driver.

>> > Also, is this always embedded into a SoC? Or could it actually be in a
>> > discrete NIC?
>> Technically, this could be done as a discrete, but it isn't. In any
>> case, why does that matter? From a linux-point of view, we have a device
>> driver either way.
> I've seen a lot of i210 used with ARM SoCs. How necessary is the tsc
> patch? Is there an architecture independent alternative?

Without the TSC patch, we don't get the timestamp we need. One can argue
that $this driver could call get_tsc_ns() directly instead of providing
a wrapper for it. But that's something else entirely.


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