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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next] net/ncsi: allow to customize BMC MAC Address offset
On 8/13/19 1:54 PM, Terry Duncan wrote:
> On 8/13/19 11:28 AM, Tao Ren wrote:
>> On 8/13/19 9:31 AM, Terry Duncan wrote:
>>> Tao, in your new patch will it be possible to disable the setting of
>>> the BMC MAC?  I would like to be able to send NCSI_OEM_GET_MAC
>>> perhaps with netlink (TBD) to get the system address without it
>>> affecting the BMC address.
>>> I was about to send patches to add support for the Intel adapters
>>> when I saw this thread.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Terry
>> Hi Terry,
>> Sounds like you are planning to configure BMC MAC address from user
>> space via netlink? Ben Wei <> started a thread
>> "Out-of-band NIC management" in openbmc community for NCSI management
>> using netlink, and you may follow up with him for details.
>> I haven't decided what to do in my v2 patch: maybe using device tree,
>> maybe moving the logic to uboot, and I'm also evaluating the netlink
>> option. But it shouldn't impact your patch, because you can disable
>> NCSI_OEM_GET_MAC option from your config file.
> Thanks Tao. I see now that disabling the NCSI_OEM_GET_MAC option will do
> what I want.
> Best,
> Terry
Hi Tao,

After a second look, it appears that the OEM handlers for Broadcom and
Melanox in ncsi-rsp.c will set the MAC regardless of the origin of the
request. Even with NCSI_OEM_GET_MAC disabled, sending an OEM command
with netlink would result in setting the BMC MAC.


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