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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fanotify, inotify, dnotify, security: add security hook for fs notifications
On August 10, 2019 6:05:27 AM Amir Goldstein <> wrote:

>>>> Other than Casey's comments, and ACK, I'm not seeing much commentary
>>>> on this patch so FS and LSM folks consider this your last chance - if
>>>> I don't hear any objections by the end of this week I'll plan on
>>>> merging this into selinux/next next week.
>>> Please consider it is summer time so people may be on vacation like I was...
>> This is one of the reasons why I was speaking to the mailing list and
>> not a particular individual :)
> Jan is fsnotify maintainer, so I think you should wait for an explicit ACK
> from Jan or just merge the hook definition and ask Jan to merge to
> fsnotify security hooks.

Aaron posted his first patch a month ago in the beginning of July and I don't recall seeing any comments from Jan on any of the patch revisions. I would feel much better with an ACK/Reviewed-by from Jan, or you - which is why I sent that email - but I'm not going to wait forever and I'd like to get this into -next soon so we can get some testing.

paul moore

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