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SubjectRe: kernel BUG at mm/swap_state.c:170!
On Mon, 22 Jul 2019 at 06:37, huang ying <> wrote:
> I am trying to reproduce this bug. Can you give me some information
> about your test case?

It not easy, but I try to explain:

1. I have the system with 32Gb RAM, 64GB swap and after boot, I always
launch follow applications:
a. Google Chrome dev channel
Note: here you should have 3 windows full of tabs on my
monitor 118 tabs in each window.
Don't worry modern Chrome browser is wise and load tabs only on demand.
We will use this feature later (on the last step).
b. Firefox Nightly ASAN this build with enabled address sanitizer.
c. Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) and start a virtual
machine with Windows 10 (2048 MiB RAM allocated)
d. Evolution
e. Steam client
f. Telegram client
g. DeadBeef music player

After all launched applications 15GB RAM should be allocated.

2. This step the most difficult, because we should by using Firefox
allocated 27-28GB RAM.
I use the infinite scroll on sites Facebook, VK, Pinterest, Tumblr
and open many tabs in Firefox as I could.
Note: our goal is 27-28GB allocated RAM in the system.

3. When we hit our goal in the second step now go to Google Chrome and
click as fast as you can on all unloaded tabs.
As usual, after 60 tabs this issue usually happens. 100%
reproducible for me.

Of course, I tried to simplify my workflow case by using stress-ng but
without success.

I hope it will help to make autotests.

Best Regards,
Mike Gavrilov.

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