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Subject[PATCH v2 0/7] Add anx6345 DP/eDP bridge for Olimex Teres-I
ANX6345 LVTTL->eDP video bridge, driver with device tree bindings.

Changes from v2:

* use SPDX-IDs throughout

* removed the panel output again, as it was not what Maxime had in mind.
At least the Teres-I does very well without. No connector spec, no "quirks"[1],
just plain EDID at work.

* binding clarifications and cosmetic changes as suggested by Andrzej

Changes from v1:

* fixed up copyright information. Most code changes are only moves and thus
retain copyright and module ownership. Even the new analogix-anx6345.c originates
from the old 1495-line analogix-anx78xx.c, with 306 insertions and 987 deletions
(ignoring the trivial anx78xx -> anx6345 replacements) 306 new vs. 508 old...

* fixed all minor formatting issues brought up

* merged previously separate new analogix_dp_i2c module into existing analogix_dp

* split additional defines into a preparatory patch

* renamed the factored-out common functions anx_aux_* -> anx_dp_aux_*, because
anx_...aux_transfer was exported globally. Besides, it is now GPL-only exported.

* moved chip ID read into a separate function.

* keep the chip powered after a successful probe.
(There's a good chance that this is the only display during boot!)

* updated the binding document: LVTTL input is now required, only the output side
description is optional.

Laurent: I have also looked into the drm_panel_bridge infrastructure,
but it's not that trivial to convert these drivers to it.

Changes from the respective previous versions:

* the reset polarity is corrected in DT and the driver;
things should be clearer now.

* as requested, add a panel (the known innolux,n116bge) and connect
the ports.

* renamed dvdd?? to *-supply to match the established scheme

* trivial update to the #include list, to make it compile in 5.2

[1] I hesitate to associate information about a connected panel with that term.
But should it be neccessary for maximum power saving (e.g. pinebooks),
it would be good to have something here, regardless of nomenclature.


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