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SubjectRe: [for-next][PATCH 12/16] kprobes: Initialize kprobes at postcore_initcall
On Mon, 22 Jul 2019 13:42:02 +0100
Catalin Marinas <> wrote:

> > I agree with Masami, that the selftest actually caught a bug here. I
> > think the arch code may need to change as the purpose of Masami's
> > changes was to enable kprobes earlier in boot. The selftest failing
> > means that an early kprobe will fail too.
> I just got back from holiday and catching up with emails. Do I still
> need to merge the arm64 fix making the debug initialisation a
> core_initcall()?
> Can we actually get kprobes invoked before init_kprobes() has been
> called?

Bah, I can't remember everything that we discussed. I thought there was
some more patches that obsoleted my work around. Everything has been
pushed to Linus, can you see if the upstream still has issues for you?


-- Steve

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