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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 23/24] erofs: introduce cached decompression
On Mon, Jul 22, 2019 at 06:58:59PM +0800, Gao Xiang wrote:
> > The number of individual Kconfig options is quite high, are you sure you
> > need them to be split like that?
> You mean the above? these are 3 cache strategies, which impact the
> runtime memory consumption and performance. I tend to leave the above
> as it-is...

Unless cache strategies involve a huge amount of kernel code, I'd
recommend always compiling all of the cache strategies, and then have
a way to change the cache strategy via a mount option (and possibly
remount, although that can get tricky if there is already cached
information). You could also specify a default in the erofs
superblock, you think that would be useful.

- Ted

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