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SubjectRE: [PATCH v10 0/6] Introduced new Cadence USBSS DRD Driver.
>> > >> This patch introduce new Cadence USBSS DRD driver to linux kernel.
>> > >>
>> > >> The Cadence USBSS DRD Controller is a highly configurable IP Core which
>> > >> can be instantiated as Dual-Role Device (DRD), Peripheral Only and
>> > >> Host Only (XHCI)configurations.
>> > >
>> > >I see you are using debugfs to select between DRD, peripheral-onlyh and XHCI...
>> > >
>> > >Is that good idea?
>> >
>> > Yes driver allows selecting dr_mode by debugfs. Controller also support such functionality
>> > so I don't understand why would it not be a good idea.
>> >
>> > I personally use this for testing but it can be used to limit controller functionality without
>> > recompiling kernel.
>> debugfs is ONLY for debugging, never rely on it being enabled, or
>> mounted, on a system in order to have any normal operation happen.
>> So for testing, yes, this is fine. If this is going to be the normal
>> api/interface for how to control this driver, no, that is not acceptable
>> at all.
>It makes a lot of sense for end-user to toggle this... for example
>when he is lacking right cable for proper otg detection. As it is
>third driver offering this functionality, I believe we should stop
>treating it as debugging.

Exactly I use this for this purpose. Depending on my testing platform I have
the adapter with Typ-c plugs or normal Type A plugs. In the second case,
by means of this property I can force Device or Host mode from driver
without changing adapter.

Bu as I wrote I use it only for debugging purpose. I believe that device on
the market should not work in this way.


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