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SubjectRE: [PATCH net-next 3/3] net: stmmac: Introducing support for Page Pool
From: Jon Hunter <>
Date: Jul/22/2019, 10:37:18 (UTC+00:00)

> On 22/07/2019 08:23, Jose Abreu wrote:
> > From: Jon Hunter <>
> > Date: Jul/19/2019, 14:35:52 (UTC+00:00)
> >
> >>
> >> On 19/07/2019 13:32, Jose Abreu wrote:
> >>> From: Jon Hunter <>
> >>> Date: Jul/19/2019, 13:30:10 (UTC+00:00)
> >>>
> >>>> I booted the board without using NFS and then started used dhclient to
> >>>> bring up the network interface and it appears to be working fine. I can
> >>>> even mount the NFS share fine. So it does appear to be particular to
> >>>> using NFS to mount the rootfs.
> >>>
> >>> Damn. Can you send me your .config ?
> >>
> >> Yes no problem. Attached.
> >
> > Can you compile your image without modules (i.e. all built-in) and let
> > me know if the error still happens ?
> I simply removed the /lib/modules directory from the NFS share and
> verified that I still see the same issue. So it is not loading the
> modules that is a problem.

Well, I meant that loading modules can be an issue but that's not the
way to verify that.

You need to have all modules built-in so that it proves that no module
will try to be loaded.

Anyway, this is probably not the cause as you wouldn't even be able to
compile kernel if you need a symbol from a module with stmmac built-in.
Kconfig would complain about that.

The other cause could be data corruption in the RX path. Are you able to
send me packet dump by running wireshark either in the transmitter side
(i.e. NFS server), or using some kind of switch ?

Jose Miguel Abreu
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