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Subjectlinux-headers-5.2 and proper use of SIOCGSTAMP
("net: socket: implement 64-bit timestamps") caused a bit of userspace breakage
for existing programs:
- firefox:
- qemu:
- linux-atm:

I have a question: how a well-behaved app should include 'SIOCGSTAMP'
definition to keep being buildable against old and new linux-headers?

'man 7 socket' explicitly mentions SIOCGSTAMP and mentions only
#include <sys/socket.h>
as needed header.

Should #include <linux/sockios.h> always be included by user app?
Or should glibc tweak it's definition of '#include <sys/socket.h>'
to make it available on both old and new version of linux headers?

CCing both kernel and glibc folk as I don't understand on which
side issue should be fixed.




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