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SubjectRe: [5.2 regression] x86/fpu changes cause crashes in KVM guest
On 19/07/19 10:59, Wanpeng Li wrote:
>, "The scheduler will save the
> guest fpu context when a vCPU thread is preempted, and restore it when
> it is scheduled back in." But I can't find any scheduler codes do
> this.

That's because applying commit 240c35a37 was completely wrong. The idea
before commit 240c35a37 was that you have the following FPU states:

userspace (QEMU) guest
processor vcpu->arch.guest_fpu
>>> KVM_RUN: kvm_load_guest_fpu
vcpu->arch.user_fpu processor
>>> preempt out
vcpu->arch.user_fpu current->thread.fpu
>>> preempt in
vcpu->arch.user_fpu processor
>>> back to userspace
>>> kvm_put_guest_fpu
processor vcpu->arch.guest_fpu

After removing user_fpu, QEMU's FPU state is destroyed when KVM_RUN is
preempted. So that's already messed up (I'll send a revert), and given
the diagram above your patch makes total sense.

With the new lazy model we want to hook into kvm_vcpu_arch_load and get
the state back to the processor from current->thread.fpu, and indeed
switch_fpu_return is essentially copy_kernel_to_fpregs(&current->thread.

However I would keep the fpregs_assert_state_consistent in
kvm_arch_vcpu_load, and also
WARN_ON_ONCE(test_thread_flag(TIF_NEED_FPU_LOAD)) in vcpu_enter_guest.


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