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Subject[5.2 regression] x86/fpu changes cause crashes in KVM guest
Since kernel 5.2, I've been experiencing strange issues in my Windows 10 
QEMU/KVM guest.
Via bisection, I have tracked down that the issue lies in the FPU state
handling changes.
Kernels before 8ff468c29e9a9c3afe9152c10c7b141343270bf3 work great, the
ones afterwards are affected.
Sometimes the state seems to be restored incorrectly in the guest.

I have managed to reproduce it relatively cleanly, on a linux guest.
(ubuntu-server 18.04, but that should not matter, since it occured on
windows aswell)

To reproduce the issue, you need prime95 (or mprime), from .
This is just a stress test for the FPU, which helps reproduce the error
much quicker.

- Run it in the guest as 'Benchmark Only', and choose the '(2) Small
FFTs' torture test. Give it the maximum amount of cores (for me 10).
- On the host, run the same test. To keep my pc usable, I limited it to
5 cores. I do this to put some pressure on the system.
- repeatedly focus and unfocus the qemu window

With this config, errors in the guest usually occur within 30 seconds.
Without the refocusing, takes ~5min on average, but the variance of this
time is quite large.

The error messages are either
"FATAL ERROR: Rounding was ......., expected less than 0.4"
"FATAL ERROR: Resulting sum was ....., expexted: ......",
suggesting that something in the calculation has gone wrong.

On the host, no errors are ever observed!

I am running an AMD Ryzen 5 1600X on an Gigabyte GA-AX370 Gaming 5
My main operating system is ArchLinux, the issue exists both with the
Arch and upstream kernel.
QEMU is managed with virt-manager, but the issue also appears with the
following simple qemu cmdline:

qemu-system-x86_64 -hda /var/lib/libvirt/images/ubuntu18.04.qcow2
-enable-kvm -smp 10 -m 2048

When kvm acceleration is disabled, the issue predictably goes away.

The issue still exists on the latest github upstream kernel,

- Thomas

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