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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 3/3] drm/vgem: use normal cached mmap'ings
On Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 4:39 PM Eric Anholt <> wrote:
> Rob Clark <> writes:
> > From: Rob Clark <>
> >
> > Since there is no real device associated with VGEM, it is impossible to
> > end up with appropriate dev->dma_ops, meaning that we have no way to
> > invalidate the shmem pages allocated by VGEM. So, at least on platforms
> > without drm_cflush_pages(), we end up with corruption when cache lines
> > from previous usage of VGEM bo pages get evicted to memory.
> >
> > The only sane option is to use cached mappings.
> This may be an improvement, but...
> pin/unpin is only on attaching/closing the dma-buf, right? So, great,
> you flushed the cached map once after exporting the vgem dma-buf to the
> actual GPU device, but from then on you still have no interface for
> getting coherent access through VGEM's mapping again, which still
> exists.

In *theory* one would detach before doing further CPU access to
buffer, and then re-attach when passing back to GPU.

Ofc that isn't how actual drivers do things. But maybe it is enough
for vgem to serve it's purpose (ie. test code).

> I feel like this is papering over something that's really just broken,
> and we should stop providing VGEM just because someone wants to write
> dma-buf test code without driver-specific BO alloc ioctl code.

yup, it is vgem that is fundamentally broken (or maybe more
specifically doesn't fit in w/ dma-mappings view of how to do cache
maint), and I'm just papering over it because people and CI systems
want to be able to use it to do some dma-buf tests ;-)

I'm kinda wondering, at least for arm/dt based systems, if there is a
way (other than in early boot) that we can inject a vgem device node
into the dtb. That isn't a thing drivers should normally do, but (if
possible) since vgem is really just test infrastructure, it could be a
way to make dma-mapping happily think vgem is a real device.


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