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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] numa: introduce per-cgroup numa balancing locality, statistic

On 2019/7/12 下午6:10, 王贇 wrote:
>> Documentation/cgroup-v1/cpusets.txt
>> Look for mems_allowed.
> This is the attribute belong to cpuset cgroup isn't it?
> Forgive me but I have no idea on how to combined this
> with memory cgroup's locality hierarchical update...
> parent memory cgroup do not have influence on mems_allowed
> to it's children, correct?
> What about we just account the locality status of child
> memory group into it's ancestors?

We have rethink about this, and found no strong reason to stay
with memory cgroup anymore.

We used to acquire pages number, exectime and locality together
from memory cgroup, to make thing easier for our numa balancer
module, as now we use the numa group approach, maybe we can just
move these accounting into cpu cgroups, so all these features
stay in one subsys and could be hierarchical :-)

Michael Wang

> Regards,
> Michael Wang

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