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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] rtl8xxxu: Fix wifi low signal strength issue of RTL8723BU
On Fri, Jul 5, 2019 at 10:27 AM Chris Chiu <> wrote:
> Per the code before REG_S0S1_PATH_SWITCH setting, the driver has told
> the co-processor the antenna is inverse.
> memset(&h2c, 0, sizeof(struct h2c_cmd));
> h2c.ant_sel_rsv.cmd = H2C_8723B_ANT_SEL_RSV;
> h2c.ant_sel_rsv.ant_inverse = 1;
> h2c.ant_sel_rsv.int_switch_type = 0;
> rtl8xxxu_gen2_h2c_cmd(priv, &h2c, sizeof(h2c.ant_sel_rsv));
> At least the current modification is consistent with the antenna
> inverse setting.
> I'll verify on vendor driver about when/how the inverse be determined.

I checked this out. The codepath hit hardcodes it to the AUX port,
i.e. "inverted" setup:

if(pBtCoexist->chipInterface == BTC_INTF_USB)
// fixed at S0 for USB interface
pBtCoexist->fBtcWrite4Byte(pBtCoexist, 0x948, 0x0);

u1Tmp |= 0x1; // antenna inverse
pBtCoexist->fBtcWriteLocalReg1Byte(pBtCoexist, 0xfe08, u1Tmp);

pBoardInfo->btdmAntPos = BTC_ANTENNA_AT_AUX_PORT;

So I'm further convinced that these performance-enhancing changes are
increasing consistency with the vendor driver.


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