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SubjectRe: screen freeze with 5.2-rc6 Dell XPS-13 skylake i915
Paul Bolle schreef op do 11-07-2019 om 13:20 [+0200]:
> Chris Wilson schreef op do 11-07-2019 om 10:29 [+0100]:
> > Temporary workaround would be to set i915.enable_psr=0
> That workaround seems to work for me. Over an hour of uptime without any
> screen freezes.

May or may not be related: 24 hours into that session I had the machine lock
up hard. Screen frozen, no input possible, etc. I had to power cycle it (after
half an hour, behaving very patient).

But the screen freeze that we're focusing on here never occurred during this

Paul Bolle

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