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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 0/7] drm/panel: simple: Add mode support to devicetree
Hi Dough.

> > So Thierry was able to look at the patches yesterday it seems and has Acked
> > all the relevant ones. As a drm-misc-contributor I could also apply them
> > myself, but now don't want to preempt any additional comments you might
> > have ;-) . So I guess my question would be if you still want to do a review
> > or if I should apply them.
> Hopefully you saw, but I responded to all of your review feedback. In
> the end, I thought it'd be OK to land the series as-is and I can fix
> up nits in a follow-up series, though I'm waiting for your responses
> to a couple questions first.
> It would be ideal if you could confirm that you're OK with this plan
> even if you don't have time to respond in detail to my emails yet. I
> think Heiko can land them all through the appropriate channels since
> the patches have all the proper Acks.
My main concern was the bug cocerning override_mode - which turned out to
be me confused.
There is one part about flags that does not yet makes sense but
we can fix it later.

Please resend a series that applies to drm-misc-next so
we can land this.


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