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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 06/16] x86/xen: add shared_info support to xenhost_t
On 09.05.19 19:25, Ankur Arora wrote:
> HYPERVISOR_shared_info is used for irq/evtchn communication between the
> guest and the host. Abstract out the setup/reset in xenhost_t such that
> nested configurations can use both xenhosts simultaneously.

I have mixed feelings about this patch. Most of the shared_info stuff we
don't need for the nested case. In the end only the event channels might
be interesting, but we obviously want them not for all vcpus of the L1
hypervisor, but for those of the current guest.

So I think just drop that patch for now. We can dig it out later in case
nesting wants it again.


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