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SubjectRe: net: macb: Fix compilation on systems without COMMON_CLK, v2
From: Palmer Dabbelt <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2019 01:48:26 -0700

> Our patch to add support for the FU540-C000 broke compilation on at
> least powerpc allyesconfig, which was found as part of the linux-next
> build regression tests. This must have somehow slipped through the
> cracks, as the patch has been reverted in linux-next for a while now.
> This patch applies on top of the offending commit, which is the only one
> I've even tried it on as I'm not sure how this subsystem makes it to
> Linus.
> This patch set fixes the issue by adding a dependency of COMMON_CLK to
> the MACB Kconfig entry, which avoids the build failure by disabling MACB
> on systems where it wouldn't compile. All known users of MACB have
> COMMON_CLK, so this shouldn't cause any issues. This is a significantly
> simpler approach than disabling just the FU540-C000 support.
> I've also included a second patch to indicate this is a driver for a
> Cadence device that was originally written by an engineer at Atmel. The
> only relation is that I stumbled across it when writing the first patch.
> Changes since v1 <>:
> * Disable MACB on systems without COMMON_CLK, instead of just disabling
> the FU540-C000 support on these systems.
> * Update the commit message to reflect the driver was written by Atmel.

Series applied, thanks.

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