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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 00/28] Removing struct page from P2PDMA
On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 09:57:52AM -0600, Logan Gunthorpe wrote:
> > You assume all addressing is done by the PCI bus address. If a device
> > is addressing its own BAR there is no reason to use the PCI bus address,
> > as it might have much more intelligent schemes (usually bar + offset).
> Yes, that will be a bit tricky regardless of what we do.

At least right now it isn't at all. I've implemented support for
a draft NVMe proposal for that, and it basically boils down to this
in the p2p path:

addr = sg_phys(sg);

if (page->pgmap->dev == ctrl->dev && HAS_RELATIVE_ADDRESSING)
addr -= ctrl->cmb_start_addr;

// set magic flag in the SGL
} else {
addr -= pgmap->pci_p2pdma_bus_offset;

without the pagemap it would require a range compare instead, which
isn't all that hard either.

> >>> Also duplicating the whole block I/O stack, including hooks all over
> >>> the fast path is pretty much a no-go.
> >>
> >> There was very little duplicate code in the patch set. (Really just the
> >> mapping code). There are a few hooks, but in practice not that many if
> >> we ignore the WARN_ONs. We might be able to work to reduce this further.
> >> The main hooks are: when we skip bouncing, when we skip integrity prep,
> >> when we split, and when we map. And the patchset drops the PCI_P2PDMA
> >> hook when we map. So we're talking about maybe three or four extra ifs
> >> that would likely normally be fast due to the branch predictor.
> >
> > And all of those add code to the block layer fast path.
> If we can't add any ifs to the block layer, there's really nothing we
> can do.

That is not what I said. Of course we can. But we rather have a
really good reason. And adding a parallel I/O path violating the
highlevel model is not one.

> So then we're committed to using struct page for P2P?

Only until we have a significantly better soltution. And I think
using physical address in some form instead of pages is that,
adding a parallel path with dma_addr_t is not, it actually is worse
than the current code in many respects.

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