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Subject[PATCH V3 0/5] drm/vkms: Introduces writeback support
This is the V3 version of a series that introduces the writeback support
to vkms. As a result of the previous review, this patchset can be seen
in three parts: make vkms able to support multiple connector, pre-work
for vkms, and the vkms implementation. Follows the details:

* First part: The first patch of this series is a fix that enables vkms to
accept new connectors, such as writeback connector.

* Second part: The second part of this patchset starts on patch 02 and
finish on patch 04; basically it is a pre-work that aims to make vkms
composer operations a little bit more generic. These patches update the
CRC files and function to make it work as a composer; it also
centralizes the vkms framebuffer operations. Additionally, these changes
enable the composer to use the writeback framebuffer instead of creating
a copy.

* Third part: The final patch enables the support for writeback in vkms.

With this patchset, vkms can successfully pass all the kms_writeback
tests from IGT.

Note: Most of the changes in the V3 was suggested by Daniel Vetter as
can be seen at the link

Note: This patchset depends on Daniel's rework of CRC, see it at

Rodrigo Siqueira (5):
drm/vkms: Avoid assigning 0 for possible_crtc
drm/vkms: Rename vkms_crc.c into vkms_composer.c
drm/vkms: Decouple crc operations from composer
drm/vkms: Compute CRC without change input data
drm/vkms: Add support for writeback

drivers/gpu/drm/vkms/Makefile | 9 +-
.../drm/vkms/{vkms_crc.c => vkms_composer.c} | 174 ++++++++++--------
drivers/gpu/drm/vkms/vkms_crtc.c | 30 +--
drivers/gpu/drm/vkms/vkms_drv.c | 10 +-
drivers/gpu/drm/vkms/vkms_drv.h | 40 ++--
drivers/gpu/drm/vkms/vkms_output.c | 16 +-
drivers/gpu/drm/vkms/vkms_plane.c | 40 ++--
drivers/gpu/drm/vkms/vkms_writeback.c | 141 ++++++++++++++
8 files changed, 331 insertions(+), 129 deletions(-)
rename drivers/gpu/drm/vkms/{vkms_crc.c => vkms_composer.c} (51%)
create mode 100644 drivers/gpu/drm/vkms/vkms_writeback.c


Rodrigo Siqueira

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