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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/5] media: vimc: stream: format comments as kernel-doc
Em Sun, 23 Jun 2019 18:27:22 -0300
André Almeida <> escreveu:

> On 6/23/19 1:40 PM, André Almeida wrote:

> > - * Calls s_stream to enable stream in all entities of the pipeline.
> > + * Calls ``vimc_streamer_s_stream`` to enable stream in all entities of
> ``vimc_streamer_s_stream`` could also been written as
> :c:func:`vimc_streamer_s_stream`. In this latest setup, the
> Documentation output would display a nice hyperlink to the documentation
> of  vimc_streamer_s_stream function. Is this a good improvement or it
> will be too verbose?

The best would be to use: vimc_streamer_s_stream(). Kernel-doc already
handles it (don't remember if it uses :c:func:, but I guess it does),
and this is the recommended way.

Anyway, there's a patch under discussion right now at Linux docs ML that
will auto-replace these to :c:func`` automatically, not only on kernel-doc
tags, but also within the .rst files. It should be able to recognize
existing :c:func: tags, so no harm done if it is there somewhere.


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