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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 00/14] epoll: support pollable epoll from userspace
Roman Penyaev <> wrote:
> Hi all,

+cc Jason Baron

> ** Limitations


> 4. No support for EPOLLEXCLUSIVE
> If device does not pass pollflags to wake_up() there is no way to
> call poll() from the context under spinlock, thus special work is
> scheduled to offload polling. In this specific case we can't
> support exclusive wakeups, because we do not know actual result
> of scheduled work and have to wake up every waiter.

Lacking EPOLLEXCLUSIVE support is probably a showstopper for
common applications using per-task epoll combined with
non-blocking accept4() (e.g. nginx).

Fwiw, I'm still a weirdo who prefers a dedicated thread doing
blocking accept4 for distribution between tasks (so epoll never
sees a listen socket). But, depending on what runtime/language
I'm using, I can't always dedicate a blocking thread, so I
recently started using EPOLLEXCLUSIVE from Perl5 where I
couldn't rely on threads being available.

If I could dedicate time to improving epoll; I'd probably
add writev() support for batching epoll_ctl modifications
to reduce syscall traffic, or pick-up the kevent()-like interface
started long ago:
(but I'm not sure I want to increase the size of the syscall table).

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