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SubjectRe: Bluetooth regression breaking BT connection for all 2.0 and older devices in 5.0.15+, 5.1.x and master
Hi Greg,

>> First of all this is a known issue and it seems a fix is in the works,
>> but what I do not understand is why the commit causing this has not
>> simply been reverted until the fix is done, esp. for the 5.0.x
>> stable series where this was introduced in 5.0.15.
>> The problem I'm talking about is commit d5bb334a8e17 ("Bluetooth: Align
>> minimum encryption key size for LE and BR/EDR connections"):
>> basically completely breaking all somewhat older (and some current cheap
>> no-name) bluetooth devices:
>> A revert of this was first proposed on May 22nd:
>> We are 18 days further now and this problem still exists, including in the
>> 5.0.15+ and 5.1.x stable kernels.
>> A solution has been suggested:
>> and at least the Fedora 5.1.4+ kernels now carry this as a temporary fix,
>> but as of today I do not see a fix nor a revert in Torvald's tree yet and
>> neither does there seem to be any fix in the 5.0.x and 5.1.x stable series.
>> In the mean time we are getting a lot of bug reports about this:
>> And some reporters:
>> Are indicating that the Fedora kernels with the workaround included
>> still do not work...
>> As such I would like to suggest that we just revert the troublesome
>> commit for now and re-add it when we have a proper fix.
> I've now reverted this as it does not seem to be going anywhere anytime
> soon. After the mess gets sorted out in Linus's tree, if someone could
> send stable@vger the commit ids that should be applied, I will be glad
> to do so.

this took a while to get fixed since some of the is really old code. I just posted a fix that I think covers all corner cases.

If I can get a few people to test this, that would be great. Thanks.



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