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SubjectRe: [PATCH 02/13] uapi: General notification ring definitions [ver #4]
On 6/13/19 6:34 AM, David Howells wrote:
> Randy Dunlap <> wrote:
>> What is the problem with inline functions in UAPI headers?
> It makes compiler problems more likely; it increases the potential for name
> collisions with userspace; it makes for more potential problems if the headers
> are imported into some other language; and it's not easy to fix a bug in one
> if userspace uses it, just in case fixing the bug breaks userspace.
> Further, in this case, the first of Darrick's functions (calculating the
> length) is probably reasonable, but the second is not. It should crank the
> tail pointer and then use that, but that requires
>>>> Also, weird multiline comment style.
>>> Not really.
>> Yes really.
> No. It's not weird. If anything, the default style is less good for several
> reasons. I'm going to deal with this separately as I need to generate some
> stats first.
> David

OK, maybe you are objecting to the word "weird." So the multi-line comment style
that you used is not the preferred Linux kernel multi-line comment style
(except in networking code) [Documentation/process/coding-style.rst] that has been
in effect for 20+ years AFAIK.


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