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SubjectRe: [PATCH v11 0/3] remain and optimize memblock_next_valid_pfn on arm and arm64
On 2019/6/12 9:05, Jia He wrote:
>>> So what I would like to see is the patch set being proposed again,
>>> with the new data points added for documentation. Also, the commit
>>> logs need to crystal clear about how the meaning of PFN validity
>>> differs between ARM and other architectures, and why the assumptions
>>> that the optimization is based on are guaranteed to hold.
>> I think Jia He no longer works for HXT, if don't mind, I can repost
>> this patch set with Jia He's authority unchanged.
> Ok, I don't mind that, thanks for your followup :)

That's great, I will prepare a new version with Ard's comments addressed
then repost.


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