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SubjectRISC-V Hypervisors
Hi All,

It's a great pleasure to inform everyone that we have RISC-V
hypervisor extension available for QEMU and along with it we
also have Xvisor (a baremetal type-1 hypervisor) working on
QEMU with RISC-V hypervisor extension. Currently, we are able
to boot two Linux RV64 Guests on Xvisor RV64.

This will be very useful to RISC-V CPU designers in validating
their implementation of RISC-V hypervisor extensions.

The QEMU RISC-V hypervisor emulation is done by Alistair and is
available in branch at:

At the moment, QEMU RISC-V hypervisor emulation patches are
on QEMU mailing list for review.

The Xvisor RISC-V port is done by myself (Anup) and Atish. It
can be found in master branch of Xvisor staging repo at:

For more details on Xvisor, refer

The SBI runtime needs to support RISC-V hypervisor extensions.
Particularly, we need to handle trap redirection, misaligned
load/store emulation, and missing CSR emulation differently for
HS-mode and VS-mode. We have extended OpenSBI to support RISC-V
hypervisor extension and it is available in hyp_ext_changes_v1
branch at:

We have made great progress in KVM RISC-V (type-2 hypervisor) as
well. Currently, we are debugging KVM RISC-V and KVMTOOL RISC-V
port on QEMU. You can expect RFC patches soon in June/July 2019.

The KVM RISC-V can be found in riscv_kvm_v1 branch at:

The KVMTOOL RISC-V port can be found in riscv_v1 branch at:

There is an early work on Xen RISC-V port which is avaliable
in alistair/riscv-port branch at:

We will be showing a demo of QEMU+OpenSBI+Xvisor+Linux at
up-coming RISC-V Zurich Workshop.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on RISC-V hypervisors.


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