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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/6] arm64: dts: meson: mmc clean-up
Jerome Brunet <> writes:

> The patchset is bunch of clean-up found while debugging meson mmc.
> * The first 2 patches address the libretech-cc which actually uses 1.8v
> eMMC modules.
> * Patch 3 is a pin bias fixup depending on mmc pins.
> * Patch 4 lower the mmc max frequencies on gx chips. It was not easy
> to spot but, according to the datasheet, the maximum UHS rate
> supported by these chips is 100MHz (SDR50). This explains why we
> never really managed to get a stable SDR104. SDIO is limited to HS.
> * Patch 5 adds missing pinctrl definition on the vim2
> * Patch 6 remove hs400 from the supported modes of the vim2. This mode is
> mode reliable enough with HW/SW ATM.

Queued for v5.3 (branch: v5.3/dt64)


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