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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/3] mmc: core: API for temporarily disabling auto-retuning due to errors

On 5/28/2019 12:04 PM, Adrian Hunter wrote:
> On 26/05/19 9:42 PM, Arend Van Spriel wrote:
>> On 5/18/2019 12:54 AM, Douglas Anderson wrote:
>>> Normally when the MMC core sees an "-EILSEQ" error returned by a host
>>> controller then it will trigger a retuning of the card.  This is
>>> generally a good idea.
>> Probably a question for Adrian, but how is this retuning scheduled. I recall
>> seeing something in mmc_request_done. How about deferring the retuning upon
>> a release host or is that too sdio specific.
> Below is what I have been carrying the last 4 years. But according to Douglas'
> patch, the release would need to be further down. See 2nd diff below.
> Would that work?

That makes sense. The loop is needed because the device can be a bit
bone headed. So indeed after the loop the device should be awake and
able to handle CMD19.


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