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SubjectRe: [RFC] printk/sysrq: Don't play with console_loglevel
On 2019/05/28 9:24, Dmitry Safonov wrote:
> Provide KERN_UNSUPPRESSED printk() annotation for such legacy places.
> Make sysrq print the headers unsuppressed instead of changing
> console_loglevel.

I think that kdb also wants to use KERN_UNSUPPRESSED for making sure
that messages are printed. But that user calls dump function which is
indirectly calling printk() many times. Thus, I think that we need a
way to explicitly pass "how the message should be treated" as a
function argument.

What I suggested in my proposal ("printk: Introduce "store now but print later" prefix." at )
is "whether the caller wants to defer printing to consoles regarding
this printk() call". And your suggestion is "whether the caller wants
to apply ignore_loglevel regarding this printk() call".

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