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SubjectRe: [PATCH v18 1/3] proc: add /proc/<pid>/arch_status
On Thu, 25 Apr 2019 22:32:17 +0800 Aubrey Li <> wrote:

> The architecture specific information of the running processes
> could be useful to the userland. Add /proc/<pid>/arch_status
> interface support to examine process architecture specific
> information externally.

I'll give this an

Acked-by: Andrew Morton <>

from a procfs POV and shall let the x86 maintainers worry about it.

I must say I'm a bit surprised that we don't already provide some form
of per-process CPU-specific info anywhere in procfs. Something to
piggy-back this onto. But I can't find such a thing.

I assume we've already discussed why this is a new procfs file rather
than merely a new line in /proc/<pid>/status. If so, please add the
reasoning to the changelog. If not, please discuss now ;)

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